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Updated  September 2021 - In force in 2023




Interscout is a no profit organisation registered in Rome, Italy in 1986.

Aim of  Interscout is to provide all kind of facilities and advise services to boy and girl scout organisations and groups, as well as other similar non profit organisations.

Some of the advise services are: insurance , legal advise, overseas opportunities and contacts (international scout events), scout badges, stamps and belt-buckles manufacture, etc.

Interscout aim is also to set up a Scout Museum in Rome (Italy): for this purpose Interscout is the curator of the Italian National Scout Museum on behalf of The Italian Scout Collectors Association (AICoS).

Interscout has been the official organiser of the 23rd World Scout Collectors Meeting (Rome, May 24th 2003) and of the 39th event of the sama nature (2019).
Interscout has carried out a project with the Sovreign Order of Malta for the issue of their official postal stamp to commemorate 100 years of scouting. (see issue #367 under year 2007).
Interscout is run by scouts in the scout spirit of service

One of the most appreciated activities of Interscout is to provide scout member associations and groups with a scout insurance scheme, which includes personal accident, medical expenses and third party liability.



This is a Group Insurance Scheme tailored for scout groups/associations and other similar no profit organisations.

Insurance Company :
HDI Assicurazioni (part of the HDI German Insurance Group).

Personal Accident Cover (PA):

Invalidity (invalid status following accident): up to Euro 120,000 per event, per person.
                                    Deductible:  flat 3%

Indemnity for death following accident up to age 20: Euro 80,000

Indemnity for death following accident age 21 and over: Euro 80,000

Medical expenses following accident: Euro 2,500 per event/per person
                                    Deductible: 10% (minimum Euro 100)

Dentures sublimit : Euro 400 per event
Eyeglasses lenses broken in an accident: up to Euro 120,00 per event.
Per event overall limit (per group, aircraft, etc.) Euro 10,000,000

Cover is also in respect  of commuting risk to/from home on individual basis

All guests attending the "family day" are automatically covered (at no additional premium)

Territorial scope: Worldwide

Age limit: 75



Sickness hospitalization allowance: € 50 per night up to 15 nights


Legal Liability to Third Party (TPL) and Legal Expenses Cover:

Legal liability including leader's professional indemnity up to Euro 1,500,000

Legal expenses: up to Euro 375,000 per event;

Scouts are considered third parties of each other, except for relatives;

Deductibles: none;

Special extensions:

  • Damage to woods and pollution risk: up to Euro 20,000 per event;

  • Fire damage to third party property, buildings, etc. in custody of the assured: up to policy limit;

  • Legal expenses to defend from third party legal action: up to Euro 250,000;

  • Damage caused by boats with no engine up to 5 meters lengh.

Cover to include commuting risk to/from home.

Territorial scope: Europe (including Eastern Europe) and all Mediterranean countries


Total annual premium (Personal Accident and Liability) : See Membership.



Insurance shall cover all members of the single Scout Association or Scout Group associated to the Interscout Consortium.


Quotation costs :
Any European Scout Association or Scout Group may become member of Interscout.
Membership is on annual basis starting each 30th September.
First Year Membership Entry Fee: Euro 40.00
Interscout annual membership due by each scout association or scout group wishing to join: Euro 10.00
Insurance scheme quotation € 10.00 per insured person per year or fraction, but min. quotation 50 members per association.
Quotation is compulsory for all members of the applying Association or Group.
To become member association of Interscout and enjoy the benefits of our Insuranche Scheme please contact us by email or by telephone (see below)


Consorzio Interscout - Via Nibby, 11-  00161 Roma Italy
tel +39 336 723 723